Troy Township Highway Department Grant-Funded Water Drainage System Overhaul

Mar 28, 2024

Reduce Flooding in REsidential Areas

Troy Township Highway Department

Amount Awarded: $400,000 | Project Status: In Progress

This project addresses residential flooding in unincorporated Troy Township, due to a poorly designed storm water drainage system that was constructed in the 1970’s and in an area where all homes have well and septic. The impacted area sits on a high water table that further complicates drainage efforts. These factors have caused repeated flooding in local homes, especially in yards and basements.

The project faces several challenges, which will be alleviated by receiving ARPA funding. The original drainage system zig-zags underground, running in and out of the parkway and in and out of resident’s private property. The completed project will address these issues, as well as reversing the flow of the majority of the draining water from north to south.

Maximizing Impact

“The receipt of ARPA funds by the Troy Township Highway Department represents a significant step forward in addressing this overdue infrastructure project. These funds provide a vital opportunity to expedite the completion of this project which is essential to improve drainage in the project area. By utilizing ARPA funds for this purpose, the Highway Department can allocate its general operating funds to address other pressing roadway projects, thus maximizing the impact of available resources.” – Highway Commissioner Thomas R. Ward