Village of Bolingbrook Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Apr 16, 2024

Completing the first phase of sanitary sewer rehabilitation

Village of Bolingbrook

Amount Awarded: $500,000 | Project Status: Completed Spring 2024

Will County awarded $500,000 to the Village of Bolingbrook to create more resilient sanitary infrastructure in an area known for frequent blockages and backups. The sanitary sewer pipes in this area are deemed to be in the poorest condition within the entire system. This has resulted in numerous sewer blockages and backups, which will be significantly reduced as a result of the ongoing rehabilitation efforts. Ultimately, the mitigation of leaks into the system, which contributes to high flows at the Bolingbrook treatment plant on rainy days, will be greatly diminished, if not entirely eliminated.

The inspection phase for the Village of Bolingbrook’s sanitary sewers rehabilitation in Area 3 is now completed. Specialists are meticulously identifying pipes and manholes requiring repairs through smoking testing and televising of the pipes. The smoke testing was completed on March 22, 2024, with the televising of pipes scheduled to commence on March 25, 2024.

Next Steps

Now that the system has been inspected, The Village of Bolingbrook’s consultant will prepare the pipe and manhole repair bid packages. Then they will bid the repair work.

“The ‘Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation in Area 3’ project, made possible through a $500,000 Will County American Rescue Plan Infrastructure Grant, addresses critical infrastructure needs within our community. This initiative is vital to minimize or eliminate service interruptions caused by leakage, excessive groundwater or surface water inflow, and defects in the existing pipes leading to Sanitary Treatment Plant #1 (STP #1) via the Village of Bolingbrook treatment facility pumping station.

The proposed scope of work encompasses engineering assessments, smoke testing, televising, manhole repairs, and pipe repairs specifically tailored for Area 3, situated north of Boughton Road and east of Bolingbrook Drive. This area’s sanitary sewer pipes are identified as being in the poorest condition within our system, resulting in frequent blockages and backups. By addressing these issues, we anticipate a significant reduction in such incidents, ultimately mitigating the flow of leaks into the system during rainy periods, thereby enhancing the overall functionality and resilience of our infrastructure.”

Matthew Eastman | Director of Community Development