Village of Shorewood Grant-Funded Road and Water Main Reconstruction

Apr 5, 2024

Reconstructing Roadways for Safe Pathways

Village of Shorewood

Amount Awarded: $500,000 | Project Status: Completion December 2024

Will County allocated $500,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to support the reconstruction of roadways and water mains on Earl Road and Geneva Street in the Village of Shorewood. The reconstruction project in the Village of Shorewood is designed to enhance the everyday lives of its residents. With the reconstruction of Earl and Geneva, the roadways will become safe pathways, ensuring smooth and secure travel. This reconstruction also includes curbs, sidewalks, street lighting, and storm sewer system. Additionally, the retirement of the existing water main and its substitution with a 12-inch PVC water main will significantly enhance the water quality in the area. Phase 2 Engineering Design is approximately 99% completed with an anticipated Bid Letting schedule in early April 2024.

The reconstruction of the roadway will replace deteriorated pavement in the Village’s Industrial area that is centrally located near the heart of the Village. The replacement of the existing water main will increase water quality provided to the Village’s residents & businesses via reduction of water main breaks along with reduction of associated water service shutdowns and emergency repair costs. Replacing this water main also contributes towards the Village’s strategic goal of maintaining an acceptable system water loss percentage as required by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) as the Village continues to work towards converting their water source from wells to Lake Michigan Water by the year 2030.

Critical Infrastructure Improvements

“We are thankful for the $500k ARPA Grant award. These funds will help the Village continue to invest in our infrastructure and work to replace as many problem mains as possible to ensure we remain good stewards of water and continue to protect the invaluable Lake Michigan water resource for decades into the future.” – Village Administrator Aaron Klima